Jason DaviesBarely a week goes by these days without an article coming out in the national press, TV or radio presenting a new piece of research into the benefits of acupuncture. Increasingly, mainstream medicine is recognising it as an excellent treatment option for a whole host of conditions and most GPs are now more than happy to recommend it to their patients.

Jason Davies AcupunctureI have been working with the Chinese system of health and healing since 1991. Seven of those years were spent in a Buddhist monastery where I studied the deeper aspects of healing and a specialised use of acupuncture points.

Following on from that I graduated from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, the largest and one of the most highly regarded colleges in the country. I am now part of the college faculty, lecturing in Chinese Medicine and practical skills.

British Acupuncture Council MemberI keep up to date with current research and new techniques through a commitment to Continuing Professional Development, and am a Member of the British Acupuncture Council – the main regulatory body of the acupuncture profession.


BambooI offer both acupuncture treatment and meditation sessions at my clinic in Chippenham

I aim to provide the best possible treatment and care, and strive for excellence in approach and results.

If you have questions you would like to ask, or if would like to know how acupuncture can help you specifically, I offer free 15 minute consultations, at my clinic or by phone. Click here for contact details.

Acupuncture in Chippenham with Jason Davies